Indians Motive Revealed to Dispose of Corona in the Ganges River

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2 min readMay 17, 2021


India is still hit by fears of Corona virus cases. The portrait of Corona’s corpse washed up in the Ganges river, a river considered sacred by Hindus, shocked many.
It is thought that the corpse of Corona, which was dumped in the Ganges River, was triggered by poverty and fear of COVID-19 by residents in remote areas. This was conveyed by Manoj Kumar Singh, a senior official in India, to the regents, as reported by Reuters.

Singh in the memo said a lack of funds to purchase materials such as firewood for cremation, religious beliefs in some communities, and families leaving COVID-19 victims out of fear of disease, were among the possible reasons for the spike in dumping of bodies in the Ganges River.

“The government has information that the bodies of those who have died from COVID-19 or other diseases are dumped into the river instead of being disposed of according to proper rituals,” Singh said.

“As a result, bodies were found in rivers in many places,” he continued.

He asked village-level officials to make sure no bodies were dumped in the water and said the state government would pay each poor family of 5,000 rupees (Rp. 975,000) to cremate or bury the bodies. The state also asked the police to patrol the river to stop the practice.

Many media outlets have linked the increase in the number of bodies found floating in the Ganges and several other tributaries to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has not publicly disclosed the cause of the deaths of these bodies.

India has officially reported about 4,000 daily deaths from the disease for nearly two weeks, but health experts say the toll is likely much higher due to poor testing in rural areas and other factors.

The death spike in many places has led to a buildup at the crematorium and has doubled the cost of funeral ceremonies.