India Reaches 20 Million Cases, These Are The 10 Countries With the Highest COVID-19 in Asia

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2 min readMay 17, 2021


India is still hit by fears of Corona virus cases. The portrait of Corona’s

The COVID-19 tsunami in India is not over. The total number of Corona cases in the country has exceeded 20 million cases on Tuesday (4/5/2021).
Quoted from AFP, India reported as many as 357,229 new cases of Corona on Tuesday. This number is 10,918 less than yesterday’s cases, namely 368,147 cases.

It is known that India has been reporting more than 300,000 cases of Corona every day in the past week.

According to an infectious disease expert from the United States, Anthony Fauci, India could end this spike in cases if the lockdown was imposed even if it was only temporary.

“Nobody likes a lockdown … But if you do it for only a few weeks, your (State) could have a significant impact on the dynamics of the outbreak,” Fauci explained.

However, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is still optimistic that the COVID-19 tsunami in India can be overcome without having to implement a national lockdown.

How is COVID-19 developing in other countries in Asia?
Not only India, COVID-19 is still endemic in various countries in Asia. The following is an update on the list of 10 countries with the most Corona cases in Asia, quoted from Worldometer data on Wednesday (5/4/2021) morning.

1. India
Total cases: 20,658,234 cases
Total cured: 16,938,400 cases
Total deaths: 226,169 cases.
2. Turkey
Total cases: 4,929,118 cases
Total cured: 4,554,037 cases
Total deaths: 41,527 cases.
3. Iran
Total cases: 2,575,737 cases
Total recovered: 2,022,586 cases
Total deaths: 73,219.
4. Indonesia
Total cases: 1,686,373 cases
Total cured: 1,541,149 cases
Total deaths: 46,137 cases.
5. Iraq
Total cases: 1,086,141 cases
Total cured: 971,793 cases
Total deaths: 15,608 cases.
6. Philippines
Total cases: 1,067,892 cases
Total cured: 984,210 cases
Total deaths: 17,622 cases.
7. Israel
Total cases: 838,697 cases
Total cured: 831,090 cases
Total deaths: 6,369 cases.
8. Pakistan
Total cases: 837,523 cases
Total cured: 733,062 cases
Total deaths: 18,310 cases.
9. Bangladesh
Total cases: 765,596 cases
Total cured: 695,032 cases
Total deaths: 11,705 cases.
10. Jordan
Total cases: 715,703 cases
Total cured: 694,427 cases
Total deaths: 8,955 cases.