Corona Virus Soars, Indian Shamans Take Action

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2 min readMay 17, 2021


India is still hit by fears of Corona virus cases. The portrait of Corona’s

In India, the practice of traditional medicine is still widely relied on amid the fury of the COVID-19 tsunami. People in rural areas believe this disease is caused by ‘evil spirits’.
There are various methods used by traditional healers to get rid of these ‘evil spirits’, including with hot iron stamps. The doctor admitted that he found many COVID-19 patients arriving with hot iron stamps on their stomachs

One of them was told by the chief medical officer of Chinchpada Christian Hospital in Maharashtra state, Dr Ashita Singh.

“We still have a lot of patients being treated at this time with marks on their stomachs because they first came to the witch doctors and got the hot iron stamps in the hope that the evil spirit that causes the disease will be expelled,” said Dr. Ashita in an interview with BBC Radio 4.

Shamanism practice not only hurts patients, but also risks increasing the transmission rate of the Corona COVID-19 virus. In some areas, many COVID-19 patients have left their villages to avoid ‘evil spirits’.

While lockdowns and restrictions on mobility in other regions have been tightened, such movements are believed to have further expanded the spread of the virus.

“A lot of time is wasted and people arrive very late, very sick, and many of them have never been to the hospital, so what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg,” explained Dr Ashita.

The second wave of COVID-19 in India is said to have overwhelmed hospitals. Oxygen and medicines are scarce, even the crematorium does not stop operating to drunk the bodies of COVID-19 patients.

On Saturday (1/5/2021), India again set a new record for daily COVID-19 cases, namely 401,993 cases. Previously, for 10 consecutive days the addition of new cases consistently stood at around 300 thousand.